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Teeth Cleanings in 01545 

01545 Dentist
01545 Dentist

If you want to make sure that your teeth stay clean and your gums stay healthy, it is very important that you have a great at-home teeth cleaning regimen, and that you have periodic dental exams and dental cleanings. At our dental practice, Bryan Dental Associates, you can have your teeth examined by either Dr. Peter L. Bryan or Dr. Eric Bryan, and have your teeth cleaned by one of our six top-notch dental hygienists. Our 01545 dentist is fully committed to making sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy.

When our 01545 dentist provides you with a dental exam, he will examine all aspects of your oral health. During a dental exam, our dentist will also thoroughly assess the health of your gums. If you have gingivitis, a precursor to gum disease, our dentist will most likely recommend that you have several regular teeth cleanings over the coming months in order to get your gums back to good health. When you have a teeth cleaning at our dental practice, all plaque, tartar, and bacteria will be removed from your teeth. This will make it much less likely that you will get any type of dental cavities, since the cavity-causing materials are found in the plaque on your teeth. When tartar and plaque remain on teeth, it also encourages the development of deep pockets to form between your teeth and gums. When this happens you have the beginning of gum disease. Plaque, tartar, bacteria, and food debris will all start to gather in these deep pockets and infection will form. Should this occur, you will need to have a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to help get your gums back to good health. However, if you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth at home on a daily basis, and come to our dental practice for periodic dental exams and teeth cleanings, it greatly lessens your chance of ever developing gum disease.

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