Dentures 01545

Dentures 01545

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Dentures in 01545

If you need a non-invasive solution to replace all or most of your teeth, you should consider getting dentures. Dentures 01545 are also a great option is you don’t meet the candidacy requirements for dental implants. You should consult with an experienced dentist like ours at Bryan Dental Associates to determine if they would be the right solution for you.

Dentures are removable appliances that are designed to replace your missing teeth. The appliance contains artificial teeth & is worn the same way you would wear a retainer. Dentures 01545 have both cosmetic and oral health benefits. When you lose your teeth, the muscles in your face will sag. This not only will make you appear older but will also make everyday normal tasks such as eating, speaking & smiling harder to do. When you wear dentures, it will fill out the appearance of your face which will make you look younger and better overall. They will also make performing these necessary everyday tasks a lot easier to do than you could without your teeth. While dentures offer many benefits, they do have some disadvantages. They require special maintenance and care that implants do not. They need to be removed for proper cleaning and maintenance on a daily basis. You’ll need to be willing to take the time to properly care for them and will have to schedule the time in daily to do so. It takes some time to get adjusted to wearing dentures. They may feel awkward at first and it may take a few weeks to get used to them. It’s typical to have an increase of saliva in your mouth in the beginning. It’s also common for them to feel loose while your tongue and cheek muscles learn to keep them in place. Soreness and/or minor irritation are also typical in the beginning. These issues are usually temporary and most likely will go away once you get used to wearing your dentures.

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