Northborough Root Canal

Northborough Root Canal

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Root Canal Therapy in Northborough

Root canal therapy is not a treatment you have to be nervous about, because it is the solution for the pain you’re in and not the cause of pain. Because of advancements in techniques and equipment used, you can count on a very comfortable experience here at Bryan Dental Associates. And since this procedure is designed to save your tooth so that it will not have to be extracted, it is crucial that it is performed when appropriate.

Inside your tooth is pulp, which rests next to the nerve. These parts of your tooth are well protected with enamel and dentin layers that keep them from being affected by anything outside the tooth. However, if those barriers are breached, then bacteria can get inside and the result is an infection of the pulp. Our Northborough root canal is the method that is used for addressing the problem. The injured pulp and nerve are both removed. The canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. Since some teeth have multiple canals, the entire process may take more than one session to complete. The good news, though, is that what is responsible for the pain is taken care of in the very first visit. When our Northborough root canal is fully taken care of, there will be a brief period of time given for healing before you will be fitted for a permanent crown to restore the tooth. Until that time, you are given a temporary crown to keep the tooth safe. Your tooth will then be as strong and viable as any of your others are.

Any of the following signs may mean you need our Northborough root canal: pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth discoloration, and gum tenderness. So be sure to contact us immediately in such a case for a prompt appointment.

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