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Preventive care in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury dental care
Shrewsbury dental care

Perhaps the single most beneficial form or preventive care is a twice-yearly teeth cleaning here at Bryan Dental Associates. Not only are they responsible for removing tartar buildup and residual plaque that were missed by your oral hygiene at home, but they also stop and reverse the effects of early stage gum disease. That’s a lot of positive results from such a simple part of your six month examination from our Shrewsbury dental care.

Plaque forms on a daily basis. It is like a film, but is bacterial in nature. When you wake up each morning and sense that coating on your teeth, that is the presence of plaque making itself known loud and clear. That’s why your instinct is to brush your teeth before you begin your day. Plaque isn’t just an unpleasant taste and a catalyst for morning breath, though. It’s also the reason why your teeth decay and your gums become irritated and red. Brushing and flossing are crucial, but plaque is sneaky. It hides out of reach, such as in gum pockets, so getting it all can be very difficult or even impossible. That’s where our Shrewsbury dental care comes in. You have a complete dental exam, and that includes periodic x-rays. If any cavities have formed due to the impact of plaque, getting them filled quickly is essential. Otherwise, they are going to grow larger, and put you at greater risk for toothaches, infections, root canal, and loss of teeth. Teeth cleanings eradicate plaque and tartar, reducing the chances of future cavities and gum disease. And speaking of gum disease, gingivitis is the early stage. Without our Shrewsbury dental care, it would progress to the later stage, periodontitis, which is associated with some unpleasant and serious symptoms, up to and including loss of gum and bone tissue and loss of teeth.

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