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Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleanings in Shrewsbury

Northborough Pediatric Dentist
Northborough Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dental exams and cleanings are vital for maintaining your child’s oral health. Just one visit every six months is typically sufficient. At Bryan Dental Associates, we have created an office environment that is fun and welcoming. If you are looking for a family dentist in Shrewsbury that can provide excellent pediatric dental care, look no further than Bryan Dental Associates. Our entire staff,¬†are dedicated to being friendly, patient, and gentle.

On your child’s very first trip here, he or she will have the chance to meet everyone and to learn about the equipment and instruments in our office are used for. The more familiar they are, the more at ease your child will be. Our Shrewsbury family dentists¬†will do a visual inspection and physical examination of your child’s teeth, combined with x-rays, which are used to detect the presence of any cavities. The more promptly a cavity is found and treated, the simpler it is, and the less likelihood there is of a toothache later or other complications. It is important to ensure that baby teeth fall out on their normal schedule rather than having to be taken out sooner due to the effects of tooth decay. Your child’s gums will be checked, also. Gum disease doesn’t only affect adults. It is common in children, too. The session concludes with a cleaning. Having a professional teeth cleaning is essential for the removal of tartar buildup along with any residual plaque that has escaped your her or his brushing and flossing. And since it is plaque and tartar that are the main reasons for tooth decay and gum disease, eliminating them on a regular basis is key to prevention. It’s like pressing the reset button on your child’s dental wellness.

Let your child benefit from a twice-yearly trip to our office. Call today and schedule an appointment for your child to have an examination and cleaning.

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